What is this all about?

We need YOUR help to make better decisions about our future.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation Development Division (TDD) collects household travel survey data in order to develop travel demand models used for future transportation planning. It is a time consuming and drawn-out process to develop the surveys, capture interest and get people to actually complete the survey.

ODOT noticed that much of the same information that they need for their research is already being captured by OReGO participants and thus are using this small pilot to determine if they can get the same (or better) results they have in the past by using a new, faster and cheaper method of research which leverages real data from actual driving.

Help us out and you could receive up to $50 dollars. Details below.

How this program works

  1. You like getting rewards.
  2. You want to help make Oregon roads better by just driving around normally.
  3. If you're already in the program, it's easy. Just go here and sign up.
  4. If you're not an OReGO participant and you'd like to join up and help (and earn up to fifty bucks) then sign up here.
  5. Drive as you normally would.
  6. Keep your account current and in good standing.
  7. Provide demographic information at the end of the program (for group 3 only).

BAM, you get fifty bucks.

4 things that must be completed to be eligible for the reward

  1. Be an existing OReGO participant or If you are not already a participant, sign up here.
  2. Have an Azuga advanced (GPS enabled) device.
  3. Participate for project's full 6 months.
  4. Keep your account current and in good standing in accordance with the OReGO Volunteer Agreement and Azuga Insight Terms & Conditions.

If you join Group 3

If you join Group 3, completing the demographic questionnaire sharing your demographic data must also be included.

How much is my reward?

There are three possible rewards. The more data you share with us, the more we reward you. Here's how it breaks down:

Your privacy is important to us and at no time will any of your personally identifiable information be shared with ODOT or any other party.

The more you share, the more we pay (and it's all anonymous!)


6 Months
of Driving Data

Collected monthly for 6 months

30 second
GPS Trip Data

Collected months 5 and 6 only

Info (Basic)

Month 6


6 Months
of Driving Data

Collected monthly for 6 months

30 second
GPS Trip Data

Collected months 5 and 6 only


6 Months
of Driving Data

Collected monthly for 6 months

"Driving Data" includes: VIN, Trip Start and End Timestamp, Trip Longitude and Latitude, Miles Traveled per trip

"30 Second GPS Data" includes: xy coordinates, time stamp, date and speed, unique anonymous trip identifier, unique anonymous vehicle identifier

"Basic Demographic Info" includes: a simple household or business questionnaire

How will I cash in my reward?

We make it easy to cash in with Tango!

The Tango Card is the "get exactly what you want" gift card. With The Tango Card, people get exactly what they want - great choices and versatility.

You can choose how, where, and exactly what you want to use it for:

  • Redeem for digital gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, The Home Depot, and more.
  • Or if you prefer, make a donation to one of the nonprofit partners like Habitat for Humanity, the National Parks Foundation or others
  • You could even split your Tango Card and redeem for any combination of our gift cards and charities.

Watch our YouTube and Vimeo Videos on "What Is A Tango Card."

When will I receive my reward?

Rewards will be paid out at the end of the pilot program after the data collection period is complete (6 months after start of data collection). All volunteers that have fully complied with the requirements will receive a gift card for the incentive amount corresponding with the option they chose. Instructions on how to collect their gift card will be emailed by Azuga 14 days after the close of program and the data has been collected.

Don't worry - You'll be getting updates from us along the way to keep you informed!

Participants that have only partially completed the requirements will not receive a gift card.

What happens next after I sign up for this program?

We'll send you an email after you've signed up to confirm your enrollment and any next steps you will need to take.