What is this research project all about?

We need YOUR help to make better decisions about our future.


The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is seeking volunteers to share travel pattern data over a short, 6-month study period that begins in May.

Enrollment in this volunteer program is limited to the first 300 entries, so sign up now.


Traditionally, ODOT has had to rely on regional household surveys to collect information essential to ongoing transportation planning and analysis. The process is long and tedious and is ultimately only as accurate as what people remember.

We need better data and for that we could really use your help. Just opt-in here on this site and drive around for a short time and we pay you. It's that easy.

You help us unlock valuable information that can be used to help the State of Oregon evaluate traffic patterns and, in turn, improve the roadways in the most need. We also give you a reward.

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